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Our Weinzimmer Families Surname Study family tree is an outgrowth of the combined efforts of Weinzimmer researchers around the world. It's starting page is at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=weinzimmer and you can always find it easily, even if you do not have it in your favorites or bookmarks, by requesting the Weinzimmer tree at http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com.

Note that not everyone using the Weinzimmer surname or it's common variants is biologically related, so we are not tying the branches together until we have firm proof. In some cases, people needing to escape tzarist Russia bought or borrowed papers, and immigrated under the surname Weinzimer or it's variants, although they were not true Weinzimmers. Write if you want more information about this, we have several confirmed instances of people who faked being a Weinzimmer or Wajncymer, in order to gain access to other countries when they left Poland.

You will find other family trees where some of our disparate branches have been linked together. Before you assume those linkages are accurate, make sure you obtain proof of the relationships. One thing to consider doing, if you are not sure if your Weinzimmer or Wajncymer ancestor was related to Weinzimmers in the other branches, is to have Y-DNA testing performed on a "direct male line" descendant of your Weinzimmer patriarch. Please read our dna results page for more information about DNA testing, and email us to discuss the best way to do this. So far, only one branch has been tested, and we are reticent to claim that Y DNA result as the YDNA for all Weinzimmers without more lines being tested.


Jacob ben Hyman Weinzimmer
Mordechai Eleazer Weinzimmer
Tzi (Harry) Weinzimmer

Yisroel Hirsch Weinzimmer
Zelig Hirsch Weinzimmer

The sections below provide quick links to specific views of the tree and vignettes discussing the major branches of the Weinzimmer Family that we have clearly identified thus far. The connections between these branches are yet to be determined and are a work in progress.

If you know which branch you belong to, you can use these links to take you right to your ancestors' pages. If you do not know which branch you belong to, then you can either go directly to the tree by clicking here, read the section below about how to navigate the tree, which also explains how to find specific people in the tree, or send an email asking for help.

Also, no matter whether you are a member of the Weinzimmer family just wanting to say hello, or someone finding any errors in the narrative or tree or having more information you would like to see added to this narrative, please do email us.

Yisroel Hirsch Weinzimmer

Yisroel Hirsch Family Tree Chart      Yisroel Hirsch Descendant Report
Eleazer Dovid       Personal Page        Ancestor Chart Descendant Report       Family Tree Chart      
Abraham Zelek     Personal Page        Ancestor Report Descendant Report       Family Tree Chart      
Sarah Gitel          Personal Page        Ancestor Chart Descendant Report       Family Tree Chart      
Yitchok Labe       Personal Page        Ancestor Chart Descendant Report       Family Tree Chart      

Yisroel Hirsch Weinzimmer had at least four children: Eleazer Dovid, Abraham Zelek, Sarah Gitel, and Yitchok Labe. Quite a few of them and their descendants were born in Mishnitz and in Kolno, and many of them immigrated to the United States.

Eleazer Dovid Weinzimmer and his wife Sarah had at least eight children in Poland. Their sons Benjamin, Frank, and Abe migrated to the United States, later changing their surname to Wymor. Their other known children were Yisroel Hirsch, Frumma Tzural, and Channah Drovel.

Abraham Zelek Weinzimmer was born about 1859. He married Sarah Rivke Schwawa and they had at least eight children in Poland, all of whom migrated to the United States, as did their parents. The children of Abraham and Sarah Weinzimmer were Anna, Harry, Jacob, Hymie, Julius, Rose, Benjamin and Florence. Most of their sons changed their surname to Zimmer, and most of the family lived in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sarah Gitel Weinzimmer was born about 1865 and married Abraham Jabeck about 1885. They had at least nine children in New York: Annie, Harry, Bella, Moses, Samuel, Max, Lena, Esther and Ruth.

Yitchok Labe Weinzimmer married Lena Josephenowitz and they had nine children: Meyer, Samuel, Abraham, Morris, Harry, Frumma Esther, David, Anna, and Sara Gittel. Most lived in Cleveland, but some moved or migrated to England, Ireland, Tennessee, Chicago or New York.

If you would like to see which Weinzimmers lived in Cleveland between 1890 and 1923, what they did for a living and which other Weinzimmer family members lived nearby, you might enjoy our transciption page showing the Weinzimmer Cleveland city directory entries for 1890 through 1923.[NOTE: with Rootsweb User Websites still offline, since the Weinzimmer Cleveland City directory page has not been archived at the Wayback Machine, we will try to get a backup copy online and then correct the link.]

Mordechai Eleazer and Tzi Weinzimmer

Tzvi Weinzimmer               Personal Page           Ancestor Report      Descendant Report      Family Tree Chart     
Mordecai Weinzimmer            Personal Page      Ancestor Report       Descendant Report      Family Tree Chart

We know very little about Mordechai Eleazer and Tzi, except that, according to the work of another researcher, they were apparently brothers. We are considering the possibility that Tzvi, also known as Harry, may be the same as our Yisroel Hirsch, who was known as Yisroel Tzvi and as Israel Harry, but have no firm evidence at this point to support the theory that he was the same man.

Tzvi's daughter Annie Shifra Weinzimmer married and had a family in New York City with Max Goldfarb. Tzvi's daughter Dora Weinzimmer and her husband Hyman Hinnerfeld (aka Inerfeld) also married and had their family in New York City.

Mordechai Eleazer married Rivka Steinberg. Their son David Joseph Weinzimmer was a tailor who was born in Poland about 1861, and married Hannah Chrust. David and Hannah had at least two children in the area of Warsaw before migrating to the United States and having several more children in New York. David Joseph Weinzimmer passed away in New York in 1915 and his wife Hannah passed away in 1945.

Zelig Hirsch Weinzimmer

Zelig Hirsch Family Tree Chart
Zelig Hirsch Family Tree Report

Selig Hirsch Weinzimer was a son of Avraham Weinzimer, and was born about 1841 in Poland. He lived in Kolno prior to migrating to the United States in 1891. He lived in New York City and also went by the name Samuel or Selig Waincimer. He had at least five children that we know of who survived to adulthood, and at least two marriages. Many of his descendants migrated to the United States, but some also are now in Israel and Chile. He passed away in Brooklyn, New York in 1922.

Research is still in progress, but it looks like the children of Selig Hirsch's son Meyer Yonkel Wajncymer included Louis M, Abraham, Sara, Sidney, Leah 1, Isidore, Moishe, Chaia Feige, Sima, and Rosa. Rosa and Leah married and went to Chile, Louis, Abraham, Sarah, Sidney and Isidore went to the United States.

Zelig Hirsch Weinzimmer's section of the tree is still under major construction, so if you know more or want more details, please contact me. Less than half of his descendants are online in the tree at this point, and they all will be added once our research is more complete.

Jacob Weinzimer

Jacob Weinzimer Family Tree Chart
Jacob Weinzimer Descendant Report

The tailor Jacob Weinzimer was a son of Hyman Weinzimer. Jacob was born about 1839 in Poland, and he migrated to the United States in the 1870's. He had at least two children that we know of, a son Wolf Weinzimer, who was born about 1865, and a daughter Sarah who was born about 1868. He passed away in Manhattan, New York in June 1897.

Jacob Weinzimer's section of the tree is still under major construction, so if you know more or want more details, please contact me. We have several Weinzimers who were born in the late 1800's and whose father's name was Jacob, but are not certain, at this point whether Jacob, the son of Hyman, was the father of them all.


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Please note that the chart below is for illustration, and clicking on it's links may take you to slightly different location in the index as the tree itself gets updated with corrections and more individuals. This list is based on an older version of the tree, so not all spelling variants are shown. For an up to date list, visit the tree itself.

Surnames starting with W


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This is a partial list of the sources used to construct the tree. If you wish to know exactly which sources were used for information on a specific person in the tree, please do \ email me.

  1. Interviews with family members
  2. Private family trees
  3. United States Federal Census Records for 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920, available online (by subscription and at Public Libraries) at Ancestry.com and at Public Libraries through the Heritage Quest Census database.
  4. British Census Records for 1891 and 1901, available for free at Public Libraries and online via subscription to Ancestry.com or http://findmypast.com
  5. British Census Records for 1911, available online for a fee from http://1911census.co.uk
  6. Iowa State Census Collection 1836-1925, http://www.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=1084, available by subscription to Ancestry.com and for free at subscribing public libraries.
  7. World War I Draft Registration Cards, available online at http://landing.ancestry.com/military/titles.aspx?html=ww1draft by subscription and for free from public libraries, and occasionally for free from Ancestry.Com's special offers
  8. World War II Draft Registration Cards, available online at http://landing.ancestry.com/military/titles.aspx?html=ww2draft by subscription, and occasionally for free from Ancestry.Com's special offers
  9. Social Security Death Index, formerly available online for free at http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com, now available by paid subscription on Ancestry.com's Social Security Death Index or for free from subscribing public libraries.
  10. California Death Index 1940 to 1997, available by subscription at ancestry.com, and for free at https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/2015582 and, when Rootsweb's database comes back online, also for free at http://vitals.rootsweb.com/ca/death/search.cgi?cj=1&o_xid=0000584
  11. Birth, marriage and death certificates for various family members
  12. Obituaries for various family members
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