Abbreviations used in our Family Trees

We use a number of standard genealogical abbreviations in our family tree notes, as well as some abbreviations of our own, so we have put together the list below in case you would like to know what these odd words in the notes mean. If you find an abbreviation not listed below, please contact us so we can add them to the list.

Many of the abbreviations below refer to sources used for information. We will be adding sources to each tree when we can do a can do a complete update on it. Meanwhile, if you have questions about the sources used for particular entries, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide more information..

1910A, 1920A,
1920H, etc.
Federal census for that year (A and H stand for Ancestry and HeritageQuest)
bcertBirth Certificate
bdatebirth date
bdiBritish Death Index
bwdiDeath Index for Britain and Wales
cabiCalifornia Birth Index from
cabisf, cbisfCalifornia Birth Index from
ccdiCook County Death Index
ccdifsCook County Death Index from familysearch
ccmiCook County Marriage Index
ccvrCook County Vital Records
cdiCalifornia Death Index
cdisfCalifornia Death Index from
cdivCalifornia Divorce Index
cdivs, cdi-vsCalifornia Death Index from vitalsearch
cmiCalifornia Marriage Index
cmisfCalifornia Marriage Index -
cmivsCalifornia Marriage Index - VitalSearch
cplnfCleveland Public Library Necrology File
dcertDeath Certificate
dcertpDeath Certificate of parent or person
ddate, doddate of death
d/odaughter of
dregdeath registration
emp, emplemployed
fam intinformation from family member
fam treeinformation from family tree
fdiFlorida Death Index
fgsfamily group sheet
fiinformation from family
fsodbOhio Deaths and Burials - Family Search
ftFamily Tree
ftjpFamily Tree of the Jewish People - JewishGen
gbwbiGreat Britain & Wales Birth Index
genpalsGenpals Cemetery Index
GRO, groGeneral Record Office (England & Wales)
idiIllinois Death Index
iic, iicm, iiicIrwin I Cohn Michigan Jewish Cemetery Index
jcamJewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts
jowbrJewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry
marrmarriage, married
mbbiMannitoba Birth Index
mcertmarriage license or certificate
mcmarrMarion County, Indiana Marriages
mdi, midiMichigan Death Index
mylifemylife public records site
nmiNevada Marriage Index
nybigNew York City Births - Italian Genealogy Group
nycbgg, nycbgggNew York City Births - German Genealogy Group
nycbiNew York City Birth Index
nycbigNew York City Birth Index - German genealogy group
nycdggNew York City Deaths - German Genealogy Group
nycdigNew York City Deaths - Italian Genealogy Group
nycmigNew York City Marriages - Italian Genealogy Group
nydeathNew York Deaths
nydigNew York City Deaths - Italian Genealogy Group
nymigNew York City Marriages - Italian Genealogy Group
oakgovOakland County, Michigan Record Search Results
ocroptical character recognition
odtObituary Daily Times - Rootsweb
ohdiOhio Death Index
passleiEllis Island Passenger List
priPublic Records Index
pri1Public Records Index - Volume 1
soc secSocial Security
ssaciSocial Security Applications and Claims Index
ssdiSocial Security Death Index
thejcThe Jewish Chronicle (England)
verVeromi (public records)
wrhsCase Western Reserve Historical Society
ww1World War I Draft Registration
ww2World War II Draft Registration

Please note that we have done our best to not include the names of living family members in our trees, in order to protect their privacy. If you have questions, find any errors, have information to add, find any information which should be privatized, or just want to say hello, please do contact us .

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