Elias Jacobs Descendant Report


Elias Jacobs was the son of Isaac Jacobs, and was a Lithuanian Jewish tailor who migrated, from what was then Russia, to England with his wife Sarah and their first two children, Esther and Samuel, in the 1860's. They had four more children in England (Jane, Israel, Etta and Sophie), and then moved to Wales. Much of our family stayed in the British Isles, but we now have branches in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States.

desc-henry: Descendant report for Elias Jacobs
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J. Jacobs, Elias (b. 1835 Telutsk, Telsiai or Telz, Lithuania, Russia, d. 1905 Bristol, England)
J.s. Froumshume, Sarah (b. 1843 Teluzk, Lithuania, Russia, d. 1891 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1. Jacobs, Esther (b. 1863 Teluzk, Telz or Telsiai, Lithuania, Russia, d. 1913 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.s. Abrahams, Coleman (b. 1859 Russia, d. 1919 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.1. Abrahams, Hettie (b. 1880 England, d. 1923 ____)
J.1.1.s. Targovnik, Solomon Matthias (b. 1876 Meseritz, Poland, d. 1954 South Africa)
J.1.1.1. Matthews, Abraham (b. 1899 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1985 Cape Town, South Africa)
J.1.1.1.s. Kaye, Marie (b. 1907 South Africa, d. 1976 Capetown, South Africa)
J.1.1.2. Matthews, Annie (b. 1900 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1979 Capetown, South Africa)
J.1.1.2.s. Ells, Sidney ()
J.1.1.3. Matthews, Sarah Lilly (b. 1902 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1948 London)
J.1.1.3.s. Dubow, Robert (b. 1896, d. 1948)
J.1.1.4. Matthews, Hyman (b. 1903 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1984 Capetown)
J.1.1.4.s. Swerling, Lily (b. 1911 Capetown, South Africa)
J.1.1.5. Matthews, Nathan (b. 1905 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1975 Capetown, South Africa)
J.1.1.5.s. Abrahams, Josephine (b. 1912 Cardiff, Wales, d. 2005 South Africa)
J.1.1.6. Targovnic, Samuel (b. 1907 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1907 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.1.7. Targovnic, Clara (b. 1908 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1909 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.1.8. Matthews, Esther (b. 1913 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1990 London, England)
J.1.1.8.s. Swerling, Nathan (b. 1913 Capetown, South Africa, d. 1991 London, England)
J.1.2. Abrahams, Mark (b. 1882 England, d. 1931 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.2.s. Gittlesohn, Maude (b. 1884 Dowlais, Wales, d. ____)
J.1.3. Abrahams, Samuel (b. 1884 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.4. Abrahams, Rebecca (b. 1886 Cardiff, Wales, d. ____)
J.1.4.s. Corkland, Barnett (b. 1886 ____, d. 1941 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.4.1. Corkland, Hyman E. (b. 1914 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1956 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.5. Abrahams, Israel (b. 1887 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.6. Abrahams, Soleman (b. 1892 Liverpool, England)
J.1.7. Abrahams, Lena (b. 1897 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.7.s. Romoff, Hyman (b. 1895 Whitechapel England, d. ____)
J.1.7.1. Romoff, Esther (b. 1916 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1978 Cape Town, South Africa)
J.1.7.1.s1. Crystal, Sid ()
J.1.7.1.s2. Behrman, Milton (d. 1981)
J.1.7.2. Romoff, Colin (b. 1923 Cardiff, Wales, d. 2009 Capetown)
J.1.7.2.s1. LIVING, Living1 ()
J.1.7.2.s2. LIVING, Living2 ()
J.1.8. Abrahams, Goldie (b. 1899 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1987 Manchester, England)
J.1.8.s. Hyams, Julius (b. 1899)
J.1.9. Abrahams, Leah (1) (b. 1900 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1901 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.10. Abrahams, Lazarus (b. 1902 Cardiff, Wales)
J.1.11. Abrahams, Fanny (b. 1904 Cardiff, Wales)
J.2. Jacobs, Samuel Harris (b. 1867 Lithuania/Russia, d. 1938 Bristol, England)
J.2.s. Figenbone, Mary (b. 1867 Russia, d. 1953 Bristol, England)
J.2.1. Jacobs, Simeon (b. 1890 Bristol, England, d. 1961 Bristol, England)
J.2.1.s. Sacof, Annie (b. 1891 Odessa, Russia, d. 1946 Bristol, England)
J.2.2. Jacobs, Lilly (b. 1892 Bristol, England, d. 1925 Birmingham, England)
J.2.2.s. Levine, Barry (b. 1891 Warwick, Birmingham, England, d. ____)
J.2.2.1. Levine, Leon M (b. 1925 Birmingham S., England, d. 1973 Birminghan, Warwickshire, England)
J.2.2.2. Levine, Marie Edna (b. 1916 Bristol, England, d. 1985 Bristol England)
J.2.2.3. Levine, Beryl Joyce (b. 1920 Birmingham, England, d. 1995 Bristol England)
J.2.3. Jacobs, Harry (b. 1896 Bristol, England)
J.2.3.s. Wilkes, Marie (b. 1901)
J.2.3.1. Jacobs, Josephine Leah (b. 1926 England, d. 2010 Solihull, England)
J.2.4. Jacobs, Israel (2) (b. 1897 Bristol, England)
J.2.4.s. Morris, Belle (b. 1899)
J.2.5. Jacobs, Sarah Rosie (b. 1901 Bristol, England, d. 1976 Bristol, England)
J.2.6. Jacobs, Esther (b. 1903 Bristol, England)
J.2.6.s. Abelson, Ernest ()
J.2.7. Jacobs, Arthur (b. 1904 Bristol, England, d. 1955 England)
J.2.7.s. Salanson, Eileen Mai (b. 1903 Bristol, England, d. 2001 St. Albans, London, England)
J.3. Jacobs, Jane (b. 1869 Manchester, England, d. 1922 Oakland, California, USA)
J.3.s. Cohen, David Morris (b. 1864 Teluzk, Telsiau or Telz, Lithuania or Prussia, d. 1917 San Francisco, California, USA)
J.3.1. Cohen, Max Harris (b. 1890 New Britain, Connecticut, d. 1955 San Francisco, California)
J.3.1.s. Tennenbaum, Mary Jane (b. 1892 Winnipeg, Canada, d. 1993 San Diego, California)
J.3.1.1. Cohen, Delphine Myrtle (b. 1918 San Francisco, California, USA, d. 1995 San Diego, California, USA)
J.3.1.1.s. Kollmyer, Albert J. (b. 1914 Alexandria, Missouri, d. 1986 San Diego, Calif)
J.3.1.2. Cohen, Irwin Theodore (b. 1923 San Francisco, California USA, d. 2010 Menlo Park, California)
J.3.1.2.s. Grossman, Eleanor Rachel (b. 1923 Oakland, California, d. 2006 Palo Alto, California)
J.3.1.3. Cohen, Jacqueline Henrietta (b. 1928 San Francisco, California, d. 2012 Tyler, Texas)
J.3.1.3.s. Speizer, Morton Philip (b. 1924 San Francisco, California, d. 1995 Boulder Creek, California, USA)
J.3.2. Cohen, Sarah Lillie (b. 1896 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA, d. 1965 Los Angeles, California, USA)
J.3.2.s. Cooper, Isadore (b. 1890 Russia, d. 1939 San Francisco, California, USA)
J.3.2.1. Cooper, Ellen Bernice (b. 1920 California, d. 1981 Los Angeles, California)
J.3.2.1.s. Sarver, Himey (b. 1919 San Francisco, California, USA, d. 1982 Los Angeles County)
J. Sarver, Living2 (b. ____)
J. Sarver, Living1 (b. ____)
J. Sarver, Arlene Idell (b. 1954 Los Angeles, California, USA, d. 1954 Los Angeles, California, USA)
J.3.2.2. Cooper, Jack Raymond (b. 1925 San Francisco, California, d. 25 Nov 2013, Tiburon, California)
J.3.2.3. Cooper, Audrie Maxine (b. 1931 San Francisco, California, USA, d. 1954 San Francisco, California, USA)
J.3.2.3.s. Schneider, Marvin (b. 1931 San Francisco, California, USA, d. 2000 Daly City, San Mateo, California)
J.4. Jacobs, Israel (1) (b. 1874 Liverpool, England, d. ____)
J.5. Jacobs, Hettie (b. 1877 Kent, Canterbury, England, d. 1930 Oakland, CA)
J.5.s. Goldberg, Solomon Isaac (b. 1874 Russia, d. ____)
J.6. Jacobs, Sophia (b. 1880 Durham, Sunderland, England, d. 1942 England)
J.6.s. Cohen, Henry Aaron (b. 1871 Portsmouth, England, d. 1937 Bristol, England)
J.6.1. Cohen, Newman Mayer (b. 1898 Cardiff, Wales, d. 1971 Bristol, England)
J.6.1.s. Heath, Betty (b. 1894 ____, d. 1974 ____)
J.6.1.1. Cohen, Frank (b. 1936 ____, d. 1979 Birmingham, England)
J.6.2. Cohen, Sarah Lilian (b. 1900 Bristol, England, d. 1981 New York, USA)
J.6.2.s. Brodie, Arthur (b. 1892 Poland, d. 1962 Brooklyn, Kings, New York)
J.6.2.1. Brodie, Elias (b. 1920 England, d. 1993 New Hyde Park, Nassau, NY)
J.6.2.2. Brodie, Bernard (b. 1926 Brooklyn, NY, d. 2001 Daytona Beach, Florida)
J.6.3. Cohen, Hilda (b. 1905 Bristol, England, d. 1958 England)
J.6.3.s. Wyburn, Reginald Reuben (b. 1903 ____)
J.6.4. Cohen, Elias (b. 1907 Bristol, England, d. 1967 ____)
J.6.4.s. Barrett, Edith Emily (b. 1908 Maiden Newton, Dorchester, Dorset, d. 1981 Bedford, England)
J.6.4.1. Cohen, Kenneth John (b. 1934 England, d. 2003 England)
J.6.4.2. Cohen, Living1 ()
J.6.4.3. Cohen, Living2 ()
J.6.5. Cohen, Rose (b. 1910 Bristol, England, d. 1994 Walsall, England)
J.6.5.s. Heyne, Charles Leonard (b. 1912 Shrewsbury, Atcham, England, d. 1978 Bristol, England)
J.6.6. Cohen, Esther (b. 1913 Bristol, England)
J.6.6.s. Webb, Robert ()
J.6.6.1. Webb, Perry (b. 1944 ____, d. 2000 Hertfordshire England)

End of Report

Please note that we have done our best to not include the names of living family members in this tree, in order to protect their privacy. If you have questions, find any errors, have information to add, find any information which should be privatized, or just want to say hello, please do contact us .

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