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desc-henry: Descendant report for Hyman Kasle
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K. Kasle, Hyman (b. 1862 Poland, d. 1929 Toledo, Ohio)
K.s. Kaminsky, Faiga Gittel (b. 1861 Osova, Russia, d. 1929 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio)
K.1. Kasle, Samuel (b. 1887 Osova, Wolin, Russia, d. 1965 Eagle Point, Rossford, Wood County, Ohio)
K.1.s. Tuschman, Hannah (b. 1893 Rovno, Russia, d. 1968)
K.1.1. Kasle, Phyllis G. (b. 1913 Ohio, d. 1995 Albuquerque, New Mexico)
K.1.1.s. Roskin, Jules J. (b. 1908, d. 2004)
K.1.2. Kasle, Shirrel (b. 1916 Toledo, Ohio, d. 1966)
K.1.2.s. Hurwitt, Fayette (b. 1916 Kansas City, Missouri, d. 1982 Kansas City, Missouri)
K.1.3. Kasle, Travis (b. 1918 Ohio, d. 1991 Alameda County, California)
K.1.3.s. Brody, Maida P. (b. 1918, d. 2010 Menlo Park, San Mateo, California)
K.1.4. Kasle, Louise (b. 1920 Toledo, Ohio, d. 2003 Michigan)
K.1.4.s. Greenson, Walter (b. 1917, d. 1970)
K.1.5. Kasle, Irwin Gene (b. 1923 Toledo, Ohio, d. 2002 Palo Alto, California)
K.1.5.s1. Simanton, Sue Claire (b. 1929 Montana, d. 1986 San Mateo, California)
K.1.5.s2. Living, Living2 ()
K.2. Kasle, Jacob (b. 1891 Osarboi, Russia, d. 1987 Marion, Indiana)
K.2.s1. Pollock, Janet Sarah (b. 1893 Russia, d. 1948 Florida)
K.2.1. Kasle, Frances (b. 1911 Ohio, d. 1972 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio)
K.2.1.s. Garber, Henry (b. 1908 Warsaw, d. 1996 St. Louis, Missouri)
K.2.2. Kasle, Betty Gertrude (b. 1912 Monroe, Michigan, d. 2005 Toledo, Ohio)
K.2.2.s. Cartlidge, Floyd (b. 1907 Toledo, Ohio, d. 1978 Toledo, Ohio)
K.2.2.1. Cartlidge, Beverly Bee (b. 1931, d. 2002 Maumee, Lucas, Ohio)
K.2.2.1.s. Black, Donald D. (b. 1927, d. 2008 Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Ohio)
K.2.2.2. Cartlidge, Patti (b. 1936 Toledo, Ohio, d. 2012 Toledo, Ohio)
K.2.2.2.s. Pete, Lee (b. 1924 Ohio, d. 2010 West Toledo, Ohio)
K.2.3. Kasle, Sidney (b. 1915 Ohio, d. 1960)
K.2.3.s. Epstein, Lena (b. 1916 Toledo, Ohio, d. 1995)
K.2.4. Kasle, Madeline (b. 1916 Ohio, d. 1984)
K.2.5. Kasle, Daniel 1 (b. 1919 Toledo, Ohio, d. 2004 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana)
K.2.s2. Neifeld, Rachel (b. 1893, d. 1978)
K.2.6. Kasle, Irene (b. 1923 Toledo, Ohio, d. 2011 Indianapolis, Indiana)
K.2.6.s. Leff, Abe ()
K.2.7. Kasle, Living 3 ()
K.2.8. Kasle, Living 4 ()
K.2.8.s. Unknown, Living ()
K.3. Kasle, Joseph (b. 1893 Osova, Wolin, Poland, d. 2000 Toledo, Ohio)
K.3.s1. Baer, Rebecca (b. 1900 Ohio, d. 1964 Eagle Point, Rossford, Wood County, Ohio)
K.3.1. Kasle, Alvin (b. 1920 Ohio, d. 1989 Providence, RI)
K.3.1.s. Weiss, Adele Marion (b. 1922 New York City, New York?, d. 2000 Providence, Providence, RI)
K.3.2. Kasle, Living 5 ()
K.3.2.s. Rosenzweig, Barbara Lee (b. 1928, d. 2009 Toledo, Ohio)
K.3.s2. Davidson, Sara (b. 1900 Russia, d. 1967 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio)
K.4. Kasle, Abraham (b. 1895 Stephan, Wolin, Russia, d. 1969 Detroit, Michigan)
K.4.s. Silverstein, Pearl (b. 1897 Russia, d. 1982 Southfield, Oakland, MI)
K.4.1. Kasle, Esther (b. 1915 Michigan, d. 1994 Franklin, Oakland, Michigan)
K.4.1.s. Jones, Ben (b. 1912 Manhattan, NY, d. 1995 Franklin, Oakland, Michigan)
K.4.2. Kasle, Leonard (b. 1917, d. 1995 Sarasota, Florida)
K.4.2.s. LIVING, Living ()
K.4.3. Kasle, Theodore Ben (b. 1921 Ohio, d. 1979 West Bloomfield, Michigan)
K.4.3.s1. LIVING, Living ()
K.4.3.s2. LIVING, Living ()
K.4.4. Kasle, Robert (b. 1927 Detroit, Michigan, d. 1982 Franklin, Michigan)
K.4.4.s. Living, Living ()
K.5. Kasle, Dorothy (b. 1899 Russia, d. 1989 Southfield, Michigan)
K.5.s. Pollens, Joseph (b. 1899 Connecticut, d. 1975 Southfield, Oakland, Michigan)
K.5.1. Pollens, Betty (b. 1919 Detroit, Michigan, d. 2001 Michigan)
K.5.1.s. Polen, Living ()
K.5.1.1. Polen, Barbara (b. 1946, d. 2001 Michigan)
K.5.2. Pollens, Harold Simon (b. 1923 Michigan, d. 1996 Ohio)
K.5.2.s. Block, Lillian (b. 1928, d. 2009 California)
K.5.3. Pollens, Louis Samuel (b. 1927 Toledo, Ohio, d. 2011 Kalamazoo, Michigan)
K.5.3.s. Unknown, Living ()
K.6. Kasle, Bella Blanche (b. 1903, d. 1972 Detroit, Michigan)
K.6.s1. Sakols, Oscar (b. 1897 Lithuania, d. 1931 Ohio)
K.6.1. Sakols, Edward (b. 1928 Ohio, d. 2000 Eagle Point, Rossford, Wood County, Ohio)
K.6.s2. Abrams, Herman (b. 1901 Boston, Massachusetts, d. 1986 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States)
K.7. Kasle, Louis (b. 1909, d. 2001)
K.7.s. Living, Living ()

End of Report

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