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desc-henry: Descendant report for Israel Tennebaum
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T. Tennebaum, Israel (b. 1852 Rovney, Russia (now Rivne, Ukraine), d. 1922 Belmont, San Mateo, California)
T.s. Kaminsky, Rachel (b. 1854 Odessa, Russia, d. 1931 San Francisco, California)
T.1. Tennebaum, Leah (b. 1874 Russia, d. 1895 San Francisco, California)
T.1.s. Rabbinovich, Charles (b. 1874 Unknown)
T.2. Tennebaum, Charles (b. 1877 Russia (now Ukraine), d. 1937 San Francisco, California)
T.2.s. Rosenberg, Pauline (b. 1883 New York, d. 1925 San Francisco, California)
T.2.1. Stone, Irving (b. 1903 San Francisco, Calif, d. 1989 Beverly Hills, California)
T.2.1.s. Factor, Jean (b. 1911 Minneapolis, Minnesota, d. 2004 Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California)
T.2.1.1. Stone, Paula (b. 1937 Los Angeles, California, d. 1994 Santa Cruz, California)
T.2.1.1.s1. Steinberg, Living ()
T.2.1.1.s2. Hubbell, Jay Harold (b. 1926 Washington, d. 1995 Santa Cruz, California)
T.2.1.2. Stone, Living ()
T.2.2. Stone, Sarah Kate (b. 1909 San Francisco, California, d. 1923 California)
T.3. Tennebaum, Esther (b. 1879 Russia (now Ukraine), d. 1901 Winnipeg, Canada)
T.3.s. Weinstock, Jacob (b. 1877 Russia, d. 1956 Sonoma County, California)
T.3.1. Weinstock, Leah Ruth (b. 1898 San Francisco, California, d. 1994 Honolulu, Hawaii)
T.3.1.s. Reed, James Moore (b. 1899 San Francisco, Calif., d. 1984 Honolulu, Hawaii)
T.3.2. Weinstock, Louis (b. 1899 Winnipeg, Manitoba, d. 1987 New York)
T.3.2.s1. Schwartz, Pauline (b. 1902 New York)
T.3.2.1. Weinstock, Marilyn (b. 1923 New York, d. 2004 Detroit, Michigan)
T.3.2.1.s. Hogan, William (b. unknown place, d. unknown place)
T.3.2.s2. Pascuiti, Therese (b. 1910, d. 2010 Pound Ridge, New York)
T.3.3. Weinstock, Sophie (b. 1901 Winnipeg, Canada, d. 1901 Winnipeg, Canada)
T.4. Tennebaum, Rose (b. 1881 Winnipeg, Canada, d. 1912 San Francisco, California)
T.4.s. Oppenheimer, Arthur (b. 1882 San Francisco, California, d. 1954 San Francisco, California)
T.4.1. Oppenheimer, Sigmund (b. 1909 California, d. 1991 San Francisco, California)
T.4.1.s. Ballen, Gertrude Marilyn (b. 1912 San Francisco, California, d. 1999 San Francisco, California)
T.4.1.1. Oppenheimer, Robert Ballen (b. 1942 San Francisco, California, d. 1988 Lawrence, Douglas, Kansas)
T.4.1.1.s. Santanello, Andrea (b. 1942 Connecticut, d. 1993)
T.4.1.2. Oppenheimer, Living ()
T.4.1.2.s. LIVING, Living ()
T.4.2. Oppenheimer, Manley (b. 1912 San Francisco, California, d. 1969 San Francisco, California)
T.4.2.s. Stein, Esther Grace (b. 1915 San Francisco, California, d. 1996 San Francisco, California)
T.5. Tennebaum, James J. (b. 1884 Winnipeg, Canada, d. 1943 San Francisco, California)
T.6. Tennebaum, Simon Harry (b. 1886 Mannitoba, Canada, d. 1906 San Francisco, California)
T.7. Tennebaum, Dora (b. 1889 Manitoba, Canada, d. 1967 San Francisco, California)
T.7.s. Levin, Joseph (b. 1882 Belarus/Russia, d. 1974 San Francisco, California)
T.7.1. Levin, Myrtle (b. 1908 San Francisco, Calif, d. 1910 San Francisco, California)
T.7.2. Levin, Stanley (b. 1913 San Francisco, California, d. 1988 San Francisco, California)
T.7.2.s1. Broudy, Ruth (b. 1914 Stanislaus, California, d. 1967 San Francisco, California)
T.7.2.s2. Scheideman, Leona Dorothy (b. 1913 San Francisco, California, d. 1993 San Francisco, California)
T.7.3. Levin, Martin (b. 1916 San Francisco, California, d. 2008 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California)
T.7.3.s. Sternberg, Rose (b. 1915 Winnipeg, Canada, d. 2006 Los Angeles, California)
T.7.4. Levin, Max (2) (b. 1927 San Francisco, California, d. 2012 California)
T.7.5. Levin, Miriam (b. 1927 San Francisco, California, d. 2003 San Francisco, California)
T.7.5.s. Levy, Living ()
T.8. Tennebaum, Donald (b. 1889 Winnipeg Canada, d. 1981 Petaluma California)
T.8.s. Bettman, Alice (b. 1901 Washington State, d. 1985 Petaluma, California)
T.9. Tennebaum, Bessie N. (b. 1890 Winnipeg, Canada, d. 1981 San Francisco, California)
T.9.s1. Titus, Albert Joseph (b. 1890 San Francisco, California, d. 1949 San Francisco, Calif)
T.9.1. Titus, Albert Joseph Jr. (b. 1926 San Francisco, California, d. 2001)
T.9.1.s. LIVING, Living ()
T.9.s2. Lachman, Herbert Fred (b. 1890 Merced, Lompoc, California, d. 1969 San Francisco, California)
T.10. Tennebaum, Frank (b. 1891, d. 1891)
T.11. Tennebaum, Mary Jane (b. 1892 Winnipeg, Canada, d. 1993 San Diego)
T.11.s. Cohen, Max Harris (b. 1890 New Britain, Connecticut, d. 1955 San Francisco, California)

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