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desc-henry: Descendant report for Sam Palestrant
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P. Palestrant, Sam ()
P.s. Depka, Sarah ()
P.1. Palestrant, Barnet (b. 1863 Russia)
P.1.s. Agrodnick, Leah (b. 1872 Russia, d. 1940 Lancashire, England)
P.1.1. Palestrant, Annie (1) (b. 1893 Poland)
P.1.1.s. Millman, Joseph ()
P.1.2. Palestrandt, Harris (b. 1897 Poland)
P.1.2.s. Whittaker, May ()
P.1.3. Palestrant, Joe (b. 1905 Manchester, Lancashire, England)
P.1.4. Palestrant, Israel (2) (b. 1907 Manchester, England)
P.1.5. Palestrandt, Abraham (2) (b. 1909 Manchester, England)
P.2. Palestrant, Lena (b. 1875 Russian Poland, d. 1934 Los Angeles, California)
P.2.s. Chlavin, Louis (b. 1873 Latvia, d. 1946 Los Angeles, California)
P.2.1. Clavin, Faye (b. 1897 New York, New York, d. 1995 Rancho Mirage, Riverside, California)
P.2.1.s. Neumann, Irving (b. 1885 California, d. 1966 San Mateo County, California)
P.2.2. Clavin, Sophia (b. 1901 New York, New York, d. 1989 Los Angeles, California)
P.2.2.s. Wright, Ross E. (b. 1886 Indiana, d. 1976 Los Angeles, California)
P.2.2.1. Wright, Beverly E. (b. 1920 Illinois, d. 1976 Los Angeles, California)
P.2.3. Clavin, David (b. 1906 Illinois, d. 1964 Los Angeles County, California)
P.2.4. Clavin, Sidney (b. 1910 Illinois, d. 1983 Burbank, Los Angeles, California)
P.2.4.s. Meyers, Cynthia Alice ()
P.3. Palestrant, Jacob (1) (b. 1879 Makow, Lumser (Lomza), Poland, d. 1954 USA)
P.3.s. Gross, Sarah (b. 1884 Makova, Lomza, Poland, d. 1965 USA)
P.3.1. Palestrant, Bessie (b. 1901 Manhattan, New York, d. 1992 Bronx, Bronx, New York)
P.3.2. Palestrant, Solomon (b. 1902 New York City, d. 1977 Miami, Miami-dade, Florida)
P.3.2.s. Cooper, Leila (b. 1907 Russia, d. 1933 Bronx, New York)
P.3.3. Palestrant, Sophia (b. 1905 New York City)
P.3.3.s. Stern, Sidney ()
P.3.4. Palestrant, Simon S. (b. 1907 New York City, d. 1991 New York, New York)
P.3.4.s. Fein, Sarah (b. 1908 New York City, d. 2000 Lutherville Timonium, Baltimore, Maryland)
P.3.4.1. Palestrant, Stephen (b. 1937 New York, d. 1988 Queens, New York)
P.3.5. Palestrant, Alfred (b. 1913 Bronx, New York, New York, d. 1991)
P.3.5.s. Fish, Frieda (b. 1927 unknown place, d. 1991 unknown place)

Please note that we have done our best to not include the names of living family members in this tree, in order to protect their privacy. If you have questions, find any errors, have information to add, find any information which should be privatized, or just want to say hello, please do contact us .

This family tree is a backup version of our Palestrant Families Family Tree at Rootsweb, as it stood at the time that Ancestry took the Rootsweb servers offline in December 2017. Our tree at Rootsweb's WorldConnect has many more interesting features and reports, which will be available once WorldConnect is back online. The URL for that enhanced version of our tree is

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