This site was set up as a backup when Ancestry took Rootsweb offline for security enhancements in December 2017. However, since Ancestry brought the Rootsweb trees back online before we finished converting our tree for this site, we did not complete making a backup copy of our Rootsweb WorldConnect family tree for Weinzimmer Families for our site at theunixplace. Instead of staying here, you can visit our original Weinzimmer Families Family Tree at Rootsweb's WorldConnect project, now that it has come back online. It is in read-only status, so we cannot update it yet, but it is fully functional.


If you are not used to navigating family trees at WorldConnect, you will probably find it helpful to visit our page explaining how to navigate the tree, which includes helpful links to major branches of our Weinzimmer families. The links to our introductory family tree page at rootsweb, as well as to the backup copy we have here of that page, are at:

Family Tree Home Page:
Backup Copy of above Home Page

If you want to learn more about the history of our part of the Weinzimmer family, visit our page about Meyer Weinzimmer and Rose Feldberg.

Also, we have researched many more parts of Weinzimmer families from Poland than are currently in the tree online, so if you do not find your ancestors or part of the family in the tree online, please do contact us so we can share what we know when we are able to update the tree, and so we can learn from you as well.

The home page for our backup family trees is

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