ALERT!!! Ancestry has moved our Rootsweb WorldConnect tree to their new, poorly implemented family tree software, which does not include all the notes which were displayed at the previous version, and also marks many people as "PERSON NOT VIEWABLE" who clearly are deceased. Our intention is to eventually move the tree elsewhere, but that will take time, as we will be adding about 1200 additional people to the online version of the tree, so if you have problems with the current public version, feel free to email us and we will do our best to assist you.

This is a name index for our Weinzimmer Families Family Tree at Rootsweb, which currently has 695 people in it. The basic URL for the tree no longer takes you to a general starting page, so you may wish to start with the "Family Tree Home Page" we provided a link to below, unless you already know how to use the new version of the tree, or find who you are looking for in the list of people provided on this page..

Family vignettes and instructions for navigating the tree are at:

Weinzimmer Families Family Tree Home Page

People in our Rootsweb tree are as follows. Note that a question mark following a surname indicates that we either are not sure of or do not know the person's precise surname or maiden name. If you click on a name below and their profile at Rootsweb is messed up, feel free to write us for assistance. We provided the data to Rootsweb, but the new software is not displaying all that should be shown.

This page is a name index for our Weinzimmer Families Family Tree at Rootsweb

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