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This family tree is for the families of the descendants of Abraham Bernard Grossman and Lena Bernstein, who were from Lapy and Suwalki, Poland. They were married in Los Angeles, California in 1891, where they had their first child, David Isaac. The rest of their children, Betty, Mose, Samuel, John and Emile were born in Seattle, Washington; New Westminster, British Columbia; and Manhattan, New York.

In addition to visiting our tree here, you can learn more about our Grossman family history by visiting our Grossman Family Genealogy page.

The family tree here is an updated version of the extended Grossman branch of our Feldberg family tree at Rootsweb. Those of you who are interested in the ancestry of Mose Grossman's wife Phoebe Blumstein, whose mother was a Vishnick and grandmother a Feldberg, may also wish to visit the updated versions of our Vishnick Family Tree and of our Feldberg Family Tree here at theunixplace. And, if you wish to see all these families together in one tree, even though the information may not be as up to date there, you can visit our Feldberg Family Tree at Rootsweb's World Connect Project.

You may wish to start exploring our tree here by visiting the profile for Abraham Bernard Grossman (1867 -1953).

You can click on the link below to see a chart showing the descendants and spouses of the descendants of Abraham Bernard Grossman and Lena Bernstein.

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There are 665 people in this database, which was last updated 17 February 2019.

Please note that we have done our best to not include the names of living family members in this tree, in order to protect their privacy. If you have questions, find any errors, have information to add, find any information which should be privatized, or just want to say hello, please do contact us .

This family tree is an updated version of the Grossman part of our Feldberg Family Tree at Rootsweb, which was taken temporarily offline for security updates by Ancestry in December 2017. While our tree at Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project cannot yet be updated, it is back online and has many more interesting features, including sources as well as ahnentafel, pedigree and descendant reports. The URL for that enhanced version of our tree is

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