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Our Palestrant Families Family Tree is a research tree, the goal being to figure out how the family of Joseph Palestrant, from Makow Mazowiecki, is related to our Vishnick and Feldberg families. As part of our research, we are working on establishing the connections between various branches of the larger Palestrant family tree.

The tree was first published at Rootsweb's WorldConnect project, but after it was taken offline for security upgrade in December 2017, we set up the pages you are now reading as a backup tree. But with the tree at WorldConnect still in read-only status, it cannot be updated and we have gone ahead and updated the tree here to better reflect the current state of our research and of our efforts to find solid evidence that will enable us to merge the disparate branches together. Feel free to explore the available reports at the WorldConnect site, most of which are not available in this version of the tree, if your part of the family is represented there.

The following pages list the descendants of the primary patriarchs or matriarchs in this tree. In those cases where there is a descendant chart in our original tree at Rootsweb, we have provided links to those pages for your convenience. If you are unable to identify your Palestrant ancestors in the charts below or in our complete name index, then be sure to use the FreeFind box below, which should be able to find people by alternate names that we have listed but not yet indexed.

Note that the Rootsweb versions do not contain our most recent research, and in the cases starred below, incorrectly list Barnett Palestrand as a son of Sam and sibling of Lena and Jacob Palestrant. See his profile here for more details. Sam/Simcha was a brother of Barnett's father.

You may also be interested in reading the home page for our Rootsweb WorldConnect tree, which contains vignetts for many of the above families, and instructions for how to use that site, at

You can browse the complete index of everyone in our updated tree here by going to the name index.

The most prevalent surnames in this family tree are:

Brooks, Cohen, Davis, Hoffman, Jacobs, Palastrand, Palastrant, Pales, Palestrant, Palistrant, Paul, Roll

You can also click on the letters below, to find everyone in this tree, listed alphabetically by the first letters of their surnames:

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There are 743 people in this database, which was last updated 3 September 2019.

Please note that we have done our best to not include the names of living family members in this tree, in order to protect their privacy. If you have questions, find any errors, have information to add, find any information which should be privatized, or just want to say hello, please do contact us .

This family tree is an updated version of our Palestrant Families Family Tree at Rootsweb, which was taken temporarily offline for security updates by Ancestry in December 2017. While our tree at Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project cannot yet be updated by us, and does not have as many people as our updated tree here, it is back online and has many more interesting features, including sources as well as ahnentafel, pedigree and descendant reports for those people who are in the original tree.

Note that Ancestry has moved our Rootsweb tree to their new version, which has some serious problems. So, if the new ahnentafel, registry, descendancy or pedigree charts are not complete enough for you, email us using the Contact Us link below, and we will try to help. The URL for that older but enhanced version of our tree is

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