Eagle Eye Family Tree


We recommend starting with Eagle Eye's mother, Cow Goes First (1839 -??)

Here is a descendant report:

You can browse the complete index of everyone in this family tree by clicking here.

Notable surnames in this family tree are:

Black Bear, Eagle Eye, Red Nest.

You can also click on the letters below, to find the surnames of the descendants of Cow Goes First and their spouses, alphabetically by the first letter of their surname:

B - E - F - L - P - R - W - _

There are 184 people in this database, last updated 17 April 2016.

Please note that we have done our best to not include the names of living family members in this tree, in order to protect their privacy. If you have questions, find any errors, have information to add, find any information which should be privatized, or just want to say hello, please do contact us .

This family tree is a backup version of our Eagle Eye Family Tree at Rootsweb, as it stood at the time that Ancestry took the Rootsweb servers offline in December 2017. Our tree at Rootsweb's WorldConnect has many more interesting features and reports, which will be available once WorldConnect is back online. The URL for that enhanced version of our tree is http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=eagle-eye

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